McDonald’s Happy Meal Menu Philippines 2024

McDonald’s Happy Meal menu is made according to the kid’s choice so that they can enjoy a tasty and healthy meal. Each happy meal includes a burger, chicken nuggets, or a wrap, besides these, it also includes apple slices, fries, or yogurt. Different types of drinks, such as milk, juice, or soft drinks, are offered in Happy Meals by McDonald’s. 

One thing that makes a Happy Meal more special is the toy that comes with every meal box. It has become a favorite meal for all including families and kids because of its variety and affordability. Happy meal menu is just a part of McDonald’s menu which includes burgers, chicken sandwiches, Big Mac, McChicken, drinks, and desserts.

McDonald's Happy Meal Menu

McDonald’s Happy Meal Menu

Here is the complete detail on the McDo Happy Meal menu with prices and calories.

Happy Meal ItemsPriceKcal
Burger McDo Happy Meal ₱ 134.00475
McSpaghetti Happy Meal ₱ 145.00300
Cheesy Burger McDo Happy Meal ₱ 151.00700
1-pc. Chicken McDo Happy Meal ₱ 180.00250
4-pc. Chicken McNuggets Happy Meal ₱ 162.00395

Final Words

McDonald’s Happy Meal Menu is a kid’s special menu whether McDonald’s burger menu is designed for youngers that is offered by McDonald’s to entertain healthy food. A toy is also included in this menu that shows the specialty of this menu. It includes Burger McDo, Chicken McDo, McNuggets, and Cheesy Burger. McDonald’s offers a different range of options according to your taste and affordability.

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Frequently Asked Question_FAQs

A hamburger, Chicken McNuggets along with fries, apple slices, and kid’s toys are included in the Happy Meal menu.

The price of the Happy Meal along with a toy starts from PHP 134.00 to PHP 162.00. It depends on which type of happy meal you want considering your budget.

No, You can’t choose the toy in a Happy Meal. The selection of the toy is random.

Yes! McDonald’s offers Happy Meals all over the world. In fact Happy Meals is one of the most popular menus made for children.

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